Customizing packaging supplies with your logo is one of the simplest ways to attract customers. Your cups, take out boxes, and bags are perfect for displaying your business's name or slogan — think of them as advertising space. In this informative guide, we break down how supplies branded with a customized design can help companies grow.

What Is Food Branding?

Food branding is the way foodservice establishments present themselves to customers. It mirrors the ideals your business stands for and is typically represented in a name or logo. A carefully crafted brand creates an emotional connection with customers, displays information, and helps it stand out from the competition.

Benefits Of Branded Restaurant Supplies

Branded supplies give businesses a professional look while helping them grow. There are numerous benefits for quick service operations or fine-dining establishments that use branded items.


Make A Great First Impression

Having branded supplies is one of the best ways to make a great first and lasting impression on customers. A stylishly designed logo on a cup will likely persuade patrons to try your beverages. Product branding is critical for growing your company, as customers will recommend your business to others. After all, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Expand Your Reach

Branding take out supplies gives you the ability to reach new audiences. Customers will take their branded purchases and show them off all around town. Customized packaging allows those who haven't dined at your establishment before to become familiar with your company. This type of advertising is the most cost-effective for your business because you'll be paying a much smaller amount of money compared to advertising on the internet, radio, or television.

Brand Awareness

Once customers become familiar with your brand, they are more likely to remember your business. In other words, your company becomes synonymous with the service they want. Patrons won’t need to search for an establishment to dine at because your business instantly comes to mind. Your company becomes the answer to their problem without the need to remind them or compete with other establishments.

Loyal Customers

One of the biggest advantages of branded supplies is customer loyalty. When customers see the quality of your logo, they will believe your menu items are of the same quality. With the right logo, customers will associate your brand image with excellence and believe your services are better than everyone else’s. Even if your prices are higher than your competitors, customers will still prefer your establishment due to the reputation of its built. Once you attain customer loyalty, it is not easy to lose it. Only something such as poor customer service or long wait times will deter customers from your business.

Higher Sales Rate

Many restaurateurs make the mistake of underestimating the power of branded supplies. However, customized packaging is essential if you want to grow your business. In a study conducted by Ipsos, it was found that package design influences 72% of purchases in the United States. Packaging that is visually appealing gives fare an appealing look and tempts customers to try your menu items. Plus, customized restaurant supplies increase your customer retention rate. In short, the more unique your packaging, the more sales you’ll make.

Stand Out From Competitors

Unfortunately, having a great product is not enough to drive sales. You have to prove to customers that your product is better than others. In order to do this, you have to emphasize your product’s superiority through packaging. There are thousands of competitors with branded supplies, meaning you have to put in a lot of effort to differentiate yours from the rest. Think of your packaging as part of the product and the key factor that makes your food items stand out. Customizing your packaging can make a world of difference for customers picking between you and other businesses.

Display Your Message

Customized supplies are excellent for displaying information about your establishment. You can include your restaurant's motto, saying, quote, or image to show your business’s identity and what you stand for. These messages make it easier for customers to relate and engage with your company.

Target Your Customers

Customizing your supplies lets you directly target customers. If you focus on a specific demographic, you can apply what you know about them to your brand. For instance, if your customers care about the environment, you might want to use brown or green colors to give products a natural look. Customized restaurant supplies help customers identify that your business shares their ideals.

How Do I Customize Restaurant Supplies With My Brand?

Restaurantware offers a customization service to help you create unforgettable products. Browse through our customization catalog to see which supplies are customizable and learn more about the process. If you have any questions and wish to contact us, we are available through phone, email, or live chat.