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Bamboo Bowls

Bamboo is the perfect choice for any chef or caterer when it comes to servingware. Bamboo bowls are made from sustainable bamboo plants and work perfectly in restaurants, catering events and home party environments. These modern high quality bamboo disposable bowls make excellent salad, and fruit serving dishes. Bamboo bowls are part of Restaurantware's Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Collection, which contains only 100% biodegradable products.
Bamboo Bowl 2 ounces 100 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0103
Bamboo Mini Kova Bowl 6.1 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 272.94
SKU: RWB0299
Bamboo Coupelle 8.26 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0104
Mini Bamboo Steamer 8.13 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 933.59
SKU: RWB0121
Bamboo Mini Kova Cup 5.08 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 318.41
SKU: RWB0298
Bamboo Leaf Bowl 7 ounces 50 count box
Dhs. 416.76
SKU: RWB0178
Bamboo Leaf Spoon 12.7 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 136.26
SKU: RWB0189
Bamboo Leaf Salad Plate 17.78 cm 50 count box
Dhs. 475.10
SKU: RWB0181

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