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Knotted Bamboo Skewers

Stunning and innovative knotted skewers

Paddle Skewers

Sturdy and stylish paddle picks

Colors Skewers

Skewers and picks in a variety of colors


Carefully handpainted sport picks

Food Marker Skewers

Safe labeled picks for specialty plates

Metal Skewers

Handcrafted metallic beads

Mini Skewers

Great for garnishing drinks

Beaded Skewers

Add a decorative flair to your dishes

Grilling Skewers

Picks long enough for grilling

Miscellaneous Skewers

Marvelous picks for different needs

Retail Packaging

Perfect for particular events

Picks information

Restaurantware picks are great for your establishment

People love to pick apart your culinary delights, and with our superb selection of bamboo skewers and picks, they'll pick with pleasure. Whether the skewers are loopy, knotted picks, braided, beaded, bamboo paddle skewers, or just plain straight, your catering clients will revel in all the stylish skewer options. You'll make a powerful, creative point with your sharp and refined tastes. Our vast collection of skewers and knotted picks are a vital and innovative element to any eating establishment.


Eco-friendly Bamboo Skewers

Our eco-friendly wooden skewers and picks are made from beautiful bamboo or willow, adding a wild yet upscale mark to your catering creations. From banquet to restaurant to hotel, these disposable bamboo picks, skewers and barware will show your dedication to green catering supplies and buffetware. Let your guests celebrate with martini picks, swizzle sticks and bar supplies from Restaurantware. Our long bamboo skewers, knotted bamboo skewers, flat cocktail skewers and bamboo cocktail skewers are only a few of the magnificent wooden barware will add the perfect style to your bar, restaurant or catering event. Try out these and many other skewers, picks and barware right now.


Whether you are a chef in a restaurant, a bartender in a pub, a caterer on the weekends, or a host of a dinner party, these bamboo skewers and knotted picks will only make your culinary masterpieces more creative and personal. There are numerous options for using this collection, and it is up to you to decide the most effective way to use these products in your establishment. However, it is easy to decorate your dishes with your choice of skewers and knotted picks.

Our wooden tableware is perfect for any venue

Our line includes various styles, such as handmade, braided, bow tie, beaded, paddle, looped, and straight. Our picks can help you present martinis and other cocktails fashionably to your customers. However, there are countless other options when using our bamboo skewers and knotted picks. They can really add more depth in your creations. You can use them for appetizers, kebobs, and other delicacies. Adding these skewers and knotted picks to any creation will give it a taste of sophistication.

If you are planning on presenting several skewers to customers at one time, take a look at our bamboo skewer holders. These holders will simplify using multiple skewers at once by holding up to 100 separately and sturdily. This helps simplify your process and encourage you to use these skewers creatively and in an abundance. Your customers will appreciate the thought and effort you put into personalizing their food.

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