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Edible Shells

These beautiful edible shells take the stress out of baking gourmet treats for large crowds. Choose from our large variety of edible shells depending on your specific treat. Each is made with the highest quality ingredients, so they will complement your delicious fillings well. Your customers will love the decadent taste and modern look of all of our edible shells. So whether you are making connolis, cream horns, or any other treats, be sure to simplify the process of making your desserts by using our edible shells.

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Edible Cones

Wonderful when serving ice cream

Bonne Maman

Gourmet spreads and preserves

Nielsen Massey

Popular extracts and pastes

Flours and Mixes

Easy-to-make mixes and decadent flours

Mini Vinaigrette

Petite bottles of gourmet dressing

Sugar Sticks

Resembles nostalgic rock candy

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