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Paddle Skewers

Our bamboo paddle picks will add a depth of character, fun and excitement to your food presentations, they are made from high quality bamboo material so you don't have to worry about the cracking as you stick and poke them into your culinary treats. Our bamboo knot cocktail picks make excellent elements to use in beverages and food displays at any type of party or at any kind of restaurant. You and your guests will fall head over heels for Restaurantware's sturdy and sophisticated bamboo picks and bamboo skewers, so take the time now to order your bamboo food picks today.
Bamboo Paddle Barbeque Grill Skewer Pick 25.4 cm 1000 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0309
Bamboo Paddle Skewer 10.16 cm 1000 count box
Dhs. 159.19
SKU: RWB0135
Bamboo Paddle Skewer 15.24 cm 1000 count box
Dhs. 182.12
SKU: RWB0136
Munchkin Bamboo Paddle Skewer Pick 6.99 cm 1000 count box
Dhs. 136.26
SKU: RWB0304
Paddle Skewer 20.32 cm 1000 count box
Dhs. 204.58
SKU: RWB0137

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