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Pidy Edible Shells and Cones

These Pidy Gourmet amuse bouche spoon, mini ice cream bowl, mini ice cream cone and edible tart shell shaped edible plates are an amazing innovation for the restaurant and catering industry.  The taste is amazing along with the golden brown color and crispy and crunchy structure of these unique edible catering supplies.  These innovative products will take any party and transform it into something amazing with just a few touches of something new from

Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand 25.4 cm 5 Slots 1 count box
Dhs. 90.83
SKU: RWB0150
Full Moon Bamboo Cone Stand 10 Slots
Dhs. 113.76
SKU: RWB0165
Medium Champagne Flute Clear 13.97 cm 100 Count Box
Dhs. 227.51
Oblong Bamboo Cone Stand 57.15 cm 20 Slots 1 count box
Dhs. 182.12
SKU: RWB0194
Plateau Acrylic Cone Stand 31.75 cm 8 Hole
Dhs. 174.18
Rising Sun Acrylic Cone Stand 30.48 cm 4 Hole
Dhs. 90.83

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