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Sample Pack

If you would like to recieve a sample pack of our mini serviing pieces and bamboo skewers please order the item below.

Every action creates a reaction. Good or Bad. Using boring catering tableware products will guarantee that your catering clients end up unimpressed and let down. Get yourself a fantastic positive reaction from any crowd by using fascinating impressive catering product samples. Choose individual samples that match your style and enhance
your opportunity of seeing the reaction that you desire.

At Restaurant Ware you can happily achieve your catering goals by picking individual catering samples out which highlight your personality and catering skills. You won’t have to ever let your clients down again if you use our unique interesting catering samples and products.

Plastic Sample Box
Dhs. 42.12
SKU: RWPSample
Dhs. 57.76
SKU: RWSample

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