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Wood Boats

Our wood boats make great serving platters, they are all made from sustainable, high quality materials and hold up well in any outdoor or indoor food venue. Restaurantware's food boats are designed in a creative manner, which makes them versatile so you can use them to serve many different types of food treats from desserts to entrees. Our wood food boats and wood tableware will add a charming modern touch to any type of party, restaurant or catering event, check them out now and just by looking at them you will see how amazing they will look on your tables and buffets.
Pinewood Boat Large 20.32 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0157
Pinewood Boat Mini 8.26 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 159.19
SKU: RWB0155
Pinewood Boat Medium 15.24 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 204.58
SKU: RWB0156
Pinewood Boat Small 12.7 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 182.12
SKU: RWB0176
Mini Incline Pinewood Cup 6.35 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0270
Medium Incline Pinewood Cup 8.13 cm 100 count box
Dhs. 341.34
SKU: RWB0271
Wood French Fry Pocket Sleeve 100 count box
Dhs. 455.10
SKU: RWB0272

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