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Wood Cones and Cone Stands

Our wood cones and cone stands are made to last a long time, they are crafted from sustainable wood materials so you can trust that they will hold your cone creations safe and secure. Restaurtware's cones & displays will help you create a unique look to your buffet lines or table tops, they offer a charm that you can't get from other types of serving vessels. Order them today and watch your food presentations turn into works of culinary art.
12 Cone Curved Multi Level Serving Display 1 count box
Dhs. 136.26
SKU: RWB0285
Bamboo Cone Stand 34.29 cm 36 Slots 1 Per Box
Dhs. 318.41
SKU: RWB0230
Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand 25.4 cm 5 Slots 1 count box
Dhs. 90.83
SKU: RWB0150
Full Moon Bamboo Cone Stand 10 Slots
Dhs. 113.76
SKU: RWB0165
Oblong Bamboo Cone Stand 57.15 cm 20 Slots 1 count box
Dhs. 182.12
SKU: RWB0194
Pinewood Cone Large 17.78 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 227.51
SKU: RWB0154
Pinewood Cone Medium 12.7 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 182.12
SKU: RWB0153
Pinewood Cone Mini 7.62 cm 200 count box
Dhs. 159.19
SKU: RWB0152

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