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Create the perfect mixed greens salad bowl with these uniquely designed seagreen incline serving bowls. Their sloped incline edge gives these plastic bowls a stylish design, as well as a convenient way to scoop up salads, rice, desserts, or any other appetizing fare. Made from quality recyclable plastics, these bowls are durable, sturdy and disposable. The seagreen hue on the clear plastic gives them a chic upscale feel and will elevate the elegance of all your small bowl servings. Each Incline Bowl Seagreen holds 6.5 ounce and is shipped in bulk in a 100 count box.

RWP0040G Product Details
Product Material Plastic
Product Color Seagreen
Pack Size 20 X 5 BX
Case Quantity 100
Product Length 4.25 inches
Product Width 4.25 inches
Product Height 2.75 inches
Product Size 6.5 ounces

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