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This quality stainless steel ice cream scoop will give all delectable scoops of ice cream a perfect eye-pleasing oval-shaped serving. This commercial ice cream scoop is designed with squeeze handles, ideal for not only serving ice cream, but also other foods, such as gelato, mashed potatoes, rice, butter, and steamed vegetables. These stylishly designed scoopers are made of high-grade stainless steel, for easy use and easy cleaning. they're durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty. Whether you're looking to execute flawless food presentation, or are simply wanting to pile on the sweet ice cold scoops for your ice cream-loving customers, this ice cream scoop is the only tool you'll need. Each Met Lux #50 Ice Cream Scoop is 0.7 ounces and is shipped one per order.

RWT0123 Product Details
Product Material Stainless Steel
Product Color Stainless Steel
Pack Size 1 X 1 BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 8.25 inches
Product Width 2.5 inches
Product Height 1.5 inches
Product Size 0.68 ounces

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