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Whip up a scrumptious treat with our Met Lux 14 inch Flat Rubber Spatula. Crafted from high-quality rubber, this durable baking spatula is dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant, and built for long-lasting commercial use. Featuring a flat and flexible blade, this white rubber spatula is ideal for effortlessly scraping batters off the sides of your mixing bowl or to seamlessly spread sweet icing over delicious desserts. With a flat base on the blade, this cake decorating spatula keeps the edges of the blade from coming into contact with surfaces and creating a mess. Measuring 14 inches long by 3 inches wide, this flat rubber spatula provides easy handling when mixing thick batter. Sold in a 1 count box.

RWT0457 Product Details
Product Material Rubber
Product Color White
Pack Size 1 X 1BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 14 inches
Product Width 3 inches
Product Height 0.5 inches
Product Size 0 ounces

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