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The Plastic Sample Box is contains some of our greatest products including Bamboo Skewers (RWB0059S), Curly Tasting Spoon- Silver (RWP0025W), Le Fleur Cup- White (RWP0061B), Plastic Square Plate- Black (RWP0016G), Girata Dessert Dish- Seagreen (RWP0006G), Quadrato Cup- Seagreen (RWP0077C), Long Acrylic Cone- Clear (RWP0075C), Double Walled Cup- Clear (RWP0036G), Medium Modern Plate- Seagreen (RWP0039G), Square Incline Glass- Seagreen (RWP0024G), Square Incline Cup- Seagreen (REWP0043G) and the Mini Fork- Seagreen. All of these items can be used in restaurants, buffets, many parties and events too. You can use the items in this sample box for parfaits, desserts, appetizers, side dishes, drinks and more. This box will allow you a chance to use some unique and high quality tableware pieces before choosing to order boxes of them.

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