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Artfully present and serve matcha in our Tetsubin 43-ounce Black Cast Iron Osaka Teapot. Made from high-quality cast iron, this tetsubin teapot retains and withstands heat for a longer period of time to keep freshly brewed teas at the perfect temperature. Featuring a wooden handle and knob, this iron teapot is ideal for easy handling. This cast iron teapot features a traditional tetsubin silhouette to create an authentic tea drinking experience at your tea house, bistro, or restaurant. To fully develop the flavors in your brew, the interior of this iron teapot is coated with shiny enamel. The mesh strainer included with this teapot is perfect for effortless steeping. Carefully hand wash this tetsubin teapot and avoid abrasive sponges to maintain its matte black look. For a complete tea display, pair this iron teapot with our matching black tea cups. (SKU: RWM0023B) Measuring 7.5 inches in length by 6 inches in width and 5 inches in height, this cast iron teapot can hold up to 43 ounces of your favorite tea. Shipped in a 1 count box.

RWM0079B Product Details
Product Material Cast Iron
Product Color Black
Pack Size 1 X 1 BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 7.5 inches
Product Width 6 inches
Product Height 5 inches
Product Size 43 ounces

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