About Us

Since 2010, Restaurantware has been a leading restaurant supply manufacturer and e-commerce company serving foodservice professionals around the globe. We are focused on developing cutting-edge and sustainably-focused products to inspire change throughout the food industry.

Our Mission

Restaurantware is committed to developing groundbreaking products that promote environmental sustainability and help operators move beyond the ordinary.


Innovative Products

By analyzing current and future industry trends as well as listening to customer feedback, every product Restaurantware designs is guaranteed to make a memorable first impression and increase the perceived value of dishes. From take out packaging to kitchen tools, we have manufactured thousands of products to enhance every dining experience and allow our clients to efficiently complete day-to-day tasks. Our product designers and manufacturers work diligently to deliver more than 250 products every quarter. While each product we design is unique, they are all created with one goal in mind: to help our clients solve their problems.

Impeccable Customer Service

Restaurantware is committed to ensuring its clients have a tailored and positive experience. Whether you contact us via chat, email, or phone, you will communicate with one of our highly-trained customer service agents to help simplify your experience. We guarantee the entire process from purchasing to receiving and putting our products into use exceeds your expectations.


Creating Sustainable Solutions

Restaurantware's journey to drive sustainability throughout the foodservice industry begins with its customers. We provide an expanding collection of recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable products for businesses looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. Our products are manufactured from eco-friendly and rapidly renewable materials to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources. From hay drinking straws to sugarcane take out containers, our collection of sustainably-focused products allows chefs and operators to meet the needs of eco-conscious patrons.

Committed To The Environment

Restaurantware's commitment to environmental efforts extends beyond its products. Since March 2021, we have planted one tree for every purchase made as part of our Plant One On Us initiative. Through our partnership with Trees for the Future, every tree planted provides a farmer in a developing country with the opportunity to unlock access to a better future. This project helps combat the negative effects of climate change, restore biodiversity, and create a greener planet — all at no additional cost to our customers.