Collection: Tableware

Food is at the heart of what you do. And how you serve and present your food is just as important as how it is prepared. Entice your customers with flavor as well as visuals with Restaurantware’s sleek and elegant tableware collection. From bamboo and seagreen plates, to shot glasses, cocktail glasses, teapots, and serving platters, our diverse and eco-friendly tableware will give your food servings a fresh contemporary look for your customers to enjoy. Choose from cups and bowls, mini plates, chip and dip plates, casserole pots, and so much more.

Our quality tableware items are made to last, so you can serve just about anything, from a shrimp ceviche, to a hearty soup, to a roasted vegetable medley, to burger and fries. The innovative styles and colors will make all your desserts even more decadent. And the tasting spoons and French Fry cups are perfect for all kinds of bite-size snacks and sides. Whether you’re serving a set of savory tacos, or your famous sashimi and spicy tuna rolls, Restaurantware has the tableware and serving vessels you need to highlight your servings and keep your customers satisfied.

How your food looks is just as important as how it tastes. You know this. So be sure to give your customers the alluring combo of astounding taste and vision with inspiring and elegant tableware from Restaurantware.