Collection: Food Prep


Quickly and efficiently complete day-to-day tasks in your kitchen using Restaurantware's collection of food prep equipment. Whether you're looking to cleanly cut fruits or weigh ingredients while prepping meals, our food preparation equipment guarantees consistent taste and quality for every dish.

Our kitchen torches feature an adjustable dial that allows you to easily control the flame's intensity to ensure that dishes are perfectly seared or glazed. Each food scale features a number of weighing functions, providing you with an accurate way to portion out ingredients and help minimize food waste at your foodservice establishment. Equipped with interchangeable blades, our french fry cutters allow you to conveniently prep steak fries or shoestring fries. Our slicers and dicers are built with heavy-duty blades that create consistently-sized tomato slices or diced carrots to eliminate the hassle of prepping ingredients by hand.

Find the perfect food prep supplies for your restaurant, deli, or cafeteria with our wide selection of high-quality food prep supplies. Whether you're caramelizing the sugar on creme brulee or dicing fresh chicken, our food preparation essentials help you increase efficiency and cut down on prep time.