Collection: Picks & Skewers

Elevate your customers' eating experience with Restaurantware's extensive selection of picks and skewers. Crafted from quality bamboo, our skewers and food picks are sustainably sourced, offering an eco-friendly way to present bite-sized treats or identify food items. Whether you're stocking your restaurant, planning a barbecue, or branching out into catering, our vast array of grilling skewer styles will undoubtedly meet your operational needs.

Available in multiple functional variations, our picks and skewers are ideal for any establishment serving food to guests. From grilling skewers to knotted skewers and food markers, we have the perfect picks for any occasion. Our selection of picks and skewers comes in an array of designs that can be ordered according to your requirements. Your customers will appreciate the practicality and unique aesthetic these picks bring to their dining experience. Apart from their visual appeal, our eco-friendly picks and skewers are easy to store, making them a practical choice for foodservice establishments. Our selection of bamboo skewers is designed with versatility and functionality in mind to ensure your customers enjoy their food without any hassles. With their sturdy construction and food-safe design, our picks and skewers are an excellent choice for restaurants, catering services, and other foodservice establishments that aim to offer unforgettable dining experiences while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Our picks and skewers are ideal for an assortment of food items and are perfect for serving in various scenarios. From small cocktail picks to larger grilling skewers, we have a range of sizes and styles for serving all kinds of finger foods. Choose our versatile and eco-friendly picks and skewers to enhance the dining experience for your customers and make positive strides toward the environment. To augment the functionality and visual appeal of your catering supplies, coordinate our pick holders and skewer stands, glassware, and flatware from our broad product range.