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  • Hi Tek Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer - 250W, 1500 RPM - 1 count box
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    / 1 count box

Elevate your juicing experience with Restaurantware’s extensive array of commercial juicer machines. Designed specifically for heavy-duty usage in commercial kitchens, our juicers ensure you can easily cater to the health-conscious needs of your customers. Our commercial juicers are engineered with a focus on efficiency, durability, and performance, making them essential equipment for juice bars, restaurants, and cafés seeking to elevate their beverage offerings. Whether you're optimizing your juice bar's offerings or upgrading your restaurant's breakfast buffet, our comprehensive range of juicers is equipped to meet all your operational needs.

Our commercial cold press juicers exhibit a multitude of useful features designed for optimal functionality. Equipped with a powerful motor, these heavy-duty juicers assure consistent juicing performance with minimal effort, saving your staff valuable time and enhancing productivity. With their compact design, these juicers fit seamlessly into any kitchen space, optimizing workflow and saving valuable counter space. At the same time, their advanced technology extracts every drop of delicious, nutritious juice from the produce. These commercial juicers streamline operations, allowing you to serve fresh, flavorful juices to your customers in record time. Beyond functionality, they also lend an added aesthetic element to your countertop, prompting more customers to choose healthier beverage choices.

Discover the ideal commercial juicer machine and effortlessly provide your customers with fresh, delicious juices. Complete your juicing setup by combining our commercial cold press and juicer with our juice bottles to pack and deliver freshly squeezed juices efficiently. Our selection of heavy-duty juicers pairs seamlessly with our extensive collection of juice dispensers and drinking glasses, allowing you to efficiently serve refreshing juices as a refreshing welcome drink in your foodservice establishment. Venture further into our range of products, each designed to make the juicing journey, from extraction to enjoyment, a streamlined, effective, and delightful experience for you and your customers. Upgrade your beverage service today with our commercial juicers, designed to meet the demands of high-volume juicing operations and revolutionize your establishment's juice offerings.