Collection: Food Safety

Ensure your kitchen is safe and sanitary with Restaurantware’s collection of food safety supplies. Whether you’re preparing dishes in a busy kitchen or storing ingredients in a commercial refrigerator, our assortment of food safety tools is perfect for maintaining a healthy environment at your restaurant, hotel, catering event, or other foodservice establishment. 

Find the right tools to safely perform any task in your kitchen with our selection of food safety equipment. Promote cleanliness by using our hair nets and protective covers to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your fast-paced kitchen. Keep germs out of food and protect your staff with disposable face masks and aprons that provide a comfortable and customizable fit. Streamline your kitchen organization by using our easily removable and dissolvable food labels to easily track your perishable inventory and guarantee older products are used first. 

Whether you run an upscale restaurant or a local bakery, food safety is one of the most important aspects of any foodservice establishment. Browse our selection of food safety tools to effectively protect your employees and customers.