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Provide your staff members with all of the essentials they need to prepare a cup of coffee with our break room coffee supplies. From coffee urns to coffee stirrers, our coffee supplies allow your employees to enjoy hot drinks without having to leave the workplace.


Our break room cold beverage supplies allow staff members to easily serve themselves fresh juice or cold water. We offer all of the break room drink supplies your staff needs to quickly quench their thirst and get back to work.


From flatware to plates, our break room snack bar supplies ensure that staff members can comfortably enjoy treats. Our snack bar essentials keep your break room organized and employees satisfied.


Keep your break room clean and sanitary with our break room janitorial supplies. Our lunchroom cleaning supplies allow workers to easily clean up accidental spills or wipe down break room equipment after use.

What Should You Put In A Break Room?
Throughout the workday, your employees will get hungry or feel their tensions rise. The break room should be a place where they can enjoy their meals or get away from stressful situations and recharge. To ensure that your staff has everything they need to be satisfied in the workplace, your break room should have the following:
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Seating & tables
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Flatware
  • Decorations
How Do You Keep A Break Room Organized?
Maintaining a break room can be challenging because your employees are constantly in and out of the room. However, having someone in charge of keeping the break room in order makes it easy to maintain. This person should make sure that beverage stations and snack bars are stocked with supplies and everything in the break room is neatly organized.
Although you’ve likely stressed the importance of employees picking up after themselves in team meetings or onboardings, it’s also a good idea to post reminders in your break room. Create eye-catching posters or signs that encourage staff members to do their part in keeping the lunchroom in tip-top shape.
How Can I Create An Inviting Break Room?

The break room should be a location where employees enjoy eating meals or unwinding when they are stressed. If you notice that most staff members don’t use the lunchroom and step out of the workplace to take a break, below are a few ways you can make your break room more inviting:
Add decorations & colors: The walls of your business may be painted in neutral colors but your break room should stand out. Feel free to add wall decor, faux potted plants, framed photos, or have a painted accent wall. Include games: There is no better way for employees to recharge their batteries than playing games. You can stock your break room with board games, playing cards, or gaming consoles. Install a television: Having a television in the break room allows employees to watch special events or the news together. The television can also be used to present information during meetings.

What Is The Benefit Of Having A Break Room?
A break room allows employees to clear their minds when they are stressed. They can enjoy a drink and socialize with coworkers without leaving the workplace. A quick 5-minute break in the lunchroom allows staff members to unwind and reenergize. You’ll notice that they’ll be more productive and in a better mood which is beneficial for your business.

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Develop an area in the workplace that encourages employees to get away from their daily workload and recharge by stocking up on our break room supplies. Our coffee break room supplies allow your staff to easily make a cup of coffee which helps them stay alert or reduce stress levels.

Offer workers the supplies they need to bottle up refreshments and head back to their work stations with our break room cold beverage supplies. From cereal dispensers to flatware organizers, our break room snack bar equipment guarantees that your snacks and supplies are neatly arranged and easily accessible to employees.

Use our lunchroom cleaning supplies to guarantee that floors, tables, chairs, and other equipment in the break room are properly cleaned to create a sanitary environment. Browse our wide collection of break room essentials to make employees feel comfortable and happy in the workplace.