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Allow customers to easily serve themselves a cup of hot coffee or tea with our collection of convenience store hot beverage supplies. From drink stirrers to tea organizers, we offer all of the essentials you need for your self-serve drink stations.


Offer patrons fresh juices or fountain sodas with our selection of convenience store cold beverage supplies. From drinking cups and lids to straws and drink carriers, our corner store supplies allow your customers to comfortably enjoy drinks on the go.


Provide guests with all the necessities needed to package and enjoy ready-to-eat meals with our line of convenience store food station supplies. Whether you offer soups or burgers, discover the right food station supplies for your c-store.


Package juices or sandwiches using our collection of convenience store grab-and-go supplies. Our juice bottle labels and clear food bags allow patrons to easily identify your food and drink offerings to prevent confusion and ensure they are in and out of your shop.


Our line of convenience store janitorial supplies helps you keep your store clean and sanitary. Find all the janitorial equipment you need to effectively clean messy spills or sweep up debris.

What Is A Convenience Store?
A convenience store is a small business that typically sells a limited selection of basic items such as ready-to-eat foods, hot and cold beverages, tobacco products, candies, and over-the-counter medicine. Most c-stores are open 24 hours a day and designed for on-the-go customers who want to purchase a few items.
Who Shops At Convenience Stores?
The majority of convenience store customers are constantly on the go and looking to purchase something quickly. These individuals are usually driving to school, work, and other commitments that they have. Convenient store shoppers typically decide on where to purchase products based on the location of the shop or loyalty reward programs the store offers.
What Are The Best Selling Items In Convenience Stores?
The 10 most popular products bought at a convenience store are:
  • Sodas
  • Lottery tickets
  • Coffees
  • Cigarettes and tobacco products
  • Candies
  • Bottled waters
  • Energy drinks
  • Beer / Alcohol
  • Milk
  • Sandwiches
When Was The First Convenience Store Opened?
In 1927, the Southland Ice Company opened the first convenience store on the corner of 12th and Edgefield Street in Dallas, TX. Its owner, Jefferson Green, came up with the idea because he wanted people to be able to buy basic necessities when grocery stores were closed at night. The Southland Company eventually became 7-Eleven which is currently the largest convenience store in the United States.

Provide on-the-go customers with a seamless shopping experience using Restaurantware’s collection of convenience store supplies. From food packaging supplies to beverage equipment, our corner store supplies allow patrons to quickly serve themselves beverages or package ready-to-eat meals with ease. Shop our wide selection of corner store supplies and equipment to find the essentials you need to run a successful operation.

Stock up on our collection of corner store supplies to provide customers with the convenience they look for when shopping at your store. From coffee urns that keep coffee warm for hours to juice dispensers that can hold up to 5 liters of beverages, our convenience store beverage equipment offers patrons a simple way to serve themselves a tasty beverage.

Allow employees to effortlessly refill beverage dispensers with ice or guests to take multiple fountain drinks on the go with our c-store cold beverage supplies. From coffee cups and lids to coffee stirrers and cup sleeves, our convenience store hot beverage supplies provide shoppers with all the essentials they need to stir and enjoy coffee on the go.

Whether your store sells made-to-order foods or ready-to-eat meals, our convenience store food station supplies guarantee that dishes are securely packaged to eliminate messes. Our corner store grab-and-go supplies allow you to lock in juices, sandwiches, snacks, and other foods to preserve their freshness and display them on shelves or in refrigerator cases.

Create a sanitary environment to make customers feel comfortable at your business with our convenience store janitorial supplies. From spray bottles and cleaning caddies to mops and brooms, our c-store cleaning supplies provide staff members with an efficient way to clean self-serve stations, refrigerator cases, countertops, and floors. Browse our convenience store items to guarantee that guests have a memorable experience at your establishment.