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  • Met Lux Stainless Steel Egg Separator - 10 1/4" - 1 count box
    Met Lux

    Stainless Steel Egg Separator

    10 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 2"
    Regular price
    AED 68.56
    Sale price
    AED 68.56
    / 1 count box

Conveniently separate egg whites from yolks with Restaurantware’s collection of egg separators. Whether you need egg whites to make meringues or egg yolks to prepare custards, our egg dividers quickly separate eggs to increase your efficiency.

Constructed with exceptional precision, each egg yolk separator features a base that carefully holds the yolk to prevent them from breaking during the separation process. The egg whites fall through egg separators and into measuring cups or bowls, allowing you to easily beat the whites into stiff peaks without worrying about the yolk. Our egg sieves are built from high-quality materials that allow you to frequently crack eggs over separators while maintaining their premium design.

Browse our selection of egg dividers to find the perfect separator for your bakery, restaurant, food truck, or other foodservice establishment. Whether you’re preparing omelets or meringues, our handy yolk separators eliminate the hassle of removing egg whites from yolks by hand.