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  • Met Lux Round Aluminum Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser - 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 13" - 1 count box
    Regular price
    AED 366.96
    Sale price
    AED 366.96
    / 1 count box

Easily dispense batter with Restaurantware's collection of commercial batter dispensers. Our pancake batter dispensers are engineered with excellent precision, allowing you to smoothly dispense batter onto cookware to eliminate messes and efficiently prepare orders during peak hours.

Whether you're looking to make pancakes at your breakfast buffet or crepes at your restaurant, our batter dispensers feature portion control dial settings to ensure that you consistently prepare equal portions. Plus, you can easily adjust the amount of batter that's dispensed so you can prepare smaller portions for children and help minimize food waste. Our durable pancake dispensers are constructed from premium materials that allow you to make waffles or pancakes throughout the day with ease.

Find the perfect batter dispenser for your foodservice establishment with our wide collection of waffle dispensers. Available in a number of sizes, our waffle batter dispensers are built to hold a large amount of batter to prevent you from needing to constantly refill dispensers and allow you to cut down on prep time.