Collection: Disposables

Create a sanitary and pristine environment at your establishment with Restaurantware's janitorial disposables. Our collection includes facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper that are specifically crafted to offer exceptional performance, convenience, and cater to your customers' requirements.

When it comes to facial tissue, we offer 2-ply options in both cube boxes and rectangular boxes. Our facial tissues are available in various sizes and packaging options, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your establishment. With their softness and strength, our facial tissues provide a comforting experience for your guests, helping them stay refreshed and clean throughout their visit. Our paper towel rolls are designed for durability and efficiency. With their thickness and embossed texture, our paper towels provide superior absorbency and strength. The non-perforated design and compatibility with automatic paper towel dispensers further enhance convenience, while the disposable nature of our towels promotes cleanliness and reduces waste. When it comes to toilet paper, our premium virgin paper rolls are the epitome of comfort and quality. With their softness and exceptional absorbency, our 3-ply toilet paper provides a luxurious experience for your patrons. The long length of our toilet paper rolls decreases the need for frequent refills, making it ideal for busy restrooms. Additionally, the compatibility with our toilet paper roll dispensers ensures a seamless and efficient operation.

Whether it's facial tissue, toilet paper, or paper towels, our products are suitable for a wide range of locations, including restaurants, offices, schools, and more. We strive to provide you with the best solutions that not only enhance the cleanliness and comfort of your establishment but also simplify tasks for your employees. Our products meet the diverse needs of businesses in the hospitality industry and other industries. Enhance cleanliness and hygiene in your space with our soap dispensers, designed to meet your needs. Discover our range of trash can liners and social distancing decals for a complete solution to maintain a safe and organized environment in your business.