Collection: Chafing


Keeping food hot and fresh is everything in the catering and buffet business. You can’t leave it to chance with inferior chafing dishes that leave your food lukewarm and middling. That’s why Restaurantware offers high-quality premium chafing dishes, chafers and supplies of all sizes and styles.

Our chafing equipment is constructed with welded stainless steel for durability, easy cleaning, and functionality. Keeping your entrees and sides hot for the duration of a buffet or banquet is top priority, and these elegantly sleek chafing bodies, frames, and sets will help you achieve just that. With glass windows for easy visibility, and sturdy frames to hold chafing dishes in place, these supplies are just what you need to take your catering business to the next level.

We also offer chafing dish fuel holders and warming units, to ensure that your meals are served as intended -- hot, fresh and savory. The stainless steel construction also traps in heat to keep meats and poultry at a healthy and proper serving temperature.

Whether you're running a bustling buffet, a crowded catered banquet, or a festive wedding reception, our chafing dishes, chafers, and supplies will ensure guest satisfaction and success.