Collection: Janitorial


Sanitation and cleanliness are absolutely essential to running a successful restaurant, diner, cafe, and eatery. Foodborne illness is always a serious threat, but not if you’re persistent and emphatic in making sure everything in your restaurant -- from the dining area to the kitchen, to the restrooms, and all places in between -- is clean, fresh and hygienic. That’s why Restaurantware offers some of the best janitorial supplies in the industry.

Our high-quality janitorial supplies include cleaning materials, disposable gloves, floor mats, and garbage can liners. We have everything you need to keep your establishment clean, tidy, and safe. Moreover, all of our janitorial supplies are eco-friendly, so you can be sure that you’ll be helping to keep the environment clean even as you keep your restaurant clean.

From scouring pads to powder-free gloves, and slip-free floor mats, these janitorial supplies from Restaurantware will help keep your business orderly, tidy, and immaculate.