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  • Met Lux 5 gal Round White Plastic Ice Tote - with Lid, Mounting Bracket - 1 count box
    Regular price
    AED 277.42
    Sale price
    AED 277.42
    / 1 count box

Streamline the process of carrying ice across your commercial kitchen with Restaurantware’s selection of ice buckets. Our collection of ice buckets and ice totes provides employees with a comfortable way to speedily transport large amounts of ice at your restaurant without making a mess or disturbing your guests. 

Featuring a tight-fitting lid that expertly stays on while handling, our plastic ice buckets prevent dangerous spills or accidents when full of ice. The molded handle and mounting bracket of our ice totes are designed to make the process of transporting ice at your restaurant easy and secure for your employees. The premium plastic construction of our ice buckets can safely hold several gallons of ice to maximize storage space and streamline transportation between your kitchen and bar.

Our selection of ice buckets is a must-have tool for your restaurant. Great for safely carrying large amounts of ice throughout your restaurant, our ice totes ensure that your restaurant has a constant supply of ice for your ingredient storage, bar, and more. Browse our variety of ice totes and plastic ice buckets to find options that work best for your establishment.