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  • Foil Lux Aluminum Disposable Grill Liner - 19 3/4" x 12" - 200 count box
    Foil Lux

    Aluminum Disposable Grill Liner

    19 3/4" x 12" x 1/4"
    Regular price
    AED 633.19
    Sale price
    AED 633.19
    / 200 count box

Avoid losing another skewer of juicy shrimp through the grill grates with Restaurantware’s collection of grill liners and mats. With our non-stick grill accessories, we provide a premium assortment of grill mats, grill bags, and grill sheets, all crafted to endure high temperatures and enhance your grilling experience. These tools not only prevent food from sticking but also ensure an evenly cooked, beautifully seared finish on any grill. With innovative designs like our sturdy aluminum grill liners and versatile grill bags, each product is tailored to improve functionality and simplify cooking tasks.

While our aluminum grill liners are single-use, they are essential for keeping your grill pristine and reducing clean-up time. They are especially useful for containing smaller items and stretching to fit various grill sizes. For a more environmentally friendly option, consider our reusable fiberglass grill mesh mats. Available in both rectangular and round options, they make flipping and turning food a breeze. Additionally, our PTFE grill mats provide a consistent cooking area, which helps in evenly distributing heat. This can lead to better-cooked food with fewer hotspots or cold spots, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection. Bringing versatility to the forefront, our grill mesh bags are superb for grilling an array of small foods from vegetables to seafood, making sure every piece receives that delightful char-grilled flavor while staying intact. 

As avid grill enthusiasts understand, having the right tools can transform your grilling experience from good to gourmet. Our high-quality selection of non-stick grill mats, grill bags, and grill sheets are crafted to withstand fiery temperatures. To complement your grilling setup, explore our selection of related products. Enhance your kitchen's sustainability and efficiency by checking out our grilling skewers, tongs, and grill brushes at Restaurantware. Our offerings are meticulously designed to meet high standards of culinary excellence and support sustainable practices, ensuring every chef has the right tools for their trade.