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What are some unique Mexican appetizer ideas?
Though chips and salsa are an undeniable classic, it's time to spice up your Mexican appetizers. Here are a few ideas to add to your list of Mexican recipes.
  • Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)
  • Tamale Dip
  • Chicken Flautas
  • Jalapeno Mango Salsa
  • Chicken Mole Tostadas
What's the difference between Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food?
The main difference between these two cuisines are the ingredients they use. Tex-Mex is a fusion of Mexican food with an American spin. Tortillas are the easiest example of how the two differ. Tex-Mex food typically focuses more on starchy ingredients and uses flour tortillas in most of their dishes, whereas traditional Mexican dishes use handmade corn tortillas. As for meats, Mexican food primarily uses chicken and pork. So if you're having a beef enchilada, then you're probably eating Tex-Mex. Next, is the ever important cheese. For a rule of thumb, if it's yellow cheddar cheese it's Tex-Mex - and if it's white queso fresco, it's Mexican. To spice up dishes, Tex-Mex restaurants utilize cumin for seasoning whereas Mexican restaurants add chile to kick up the flavor. Over the years, the lines have begun to blur between Tex-Mex and Mexican food as the two cuisines continuously influence each other.
What's the best way to serve tacos without the mess?

Here are a few ways to avoid having all of your tasty ingredients from spilling out of your handcrafted tacos. For serving hard or soft tacos, taco racks and taco holders are the best way to serve a selection of tacos. They are designed with slots that perfectly fit tacos and keep them in an upright position to prevent fillings from spilling out. Plus, most taco holders have multiple compartments to easily serve from one to five tacos at a time.

What are the most common ingredients used in Mexican dishes?
Whether you fry it, bake it, or saute it, you'll most likely find one, if not all, of these ingredients in various Mexican meals.
1. Tortilla - What is any Mexican dish without the foundation of a tortilla? If you want to take the more traditional route, choose corn tortillas over flour ones.
2. Meat - Whether it's chicken, pork, or beef, you've got a main ingredient for any dish.
3. Salsa/Chile - Spice is key. The spicier the better is what they say.
4. Cheese - The delicious final touch. It's great on top or inside any Mexican fare.

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