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Serve our Luxenap Tablet Towels alongside saucy barbecue ribs or juicy stone crab claws to keep your customers' meals mess-free and enjoyable. These innovative compressed napkins arrive in tablet form -- saving you space and enabling hassle-free storage! Simply add a few drops of water to transform these compressed tablets into luxurious moist towelettes that are soft to the touch and gentle on skin. Plus, these towelettes are incredibly absorbent and work quickly to soak up liquids and tackle messes! Crafted from viscose, a plant-based cellulose fiber, these towelettes are an nature-friendly option to help you combat messes. At their full size, these wet naps measure 8.7 x 9.4 inches and are ideal for upscale restaurants and catering companies. Sold in 500 count boxes.

RWA0357 Product Details
Product Material Viscose
Product Color White
Pack Size 100 X 5 BX
Case Quantity 500
Product Length 9.4 inches
Product Width 8.7 inches
Product Height 0.1 inches
Product Size 0 ounces

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