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These Black PS Coffee Lids have been specifically designed to create the optimum coffee-drinking experience for your customers. Constructed from high-quality recyclable plastic, these sturdy lids are built to stay tough against your hot cappuccinos and steamy lattes. Their built-in elevated rim protects customers from minor spills and dripping hot beverages, while their elevated drinking spout enables effortlessly comfortable sipping. Plus, these lids feature a small ventilation hole to ensure your customers can enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth flow of their beverages. These black plastic lids are fully compatible with our 4-ounce disposable coffee cups and tea cups, including SKUs: RWA0277 and RWA0273. Pair our selection of coordinating disposable coffee cups with lids to make it easy for your coffee-loving customers to take your java on the go! Each box will contain 500 black plastic lids.

RWA0281B Product Details
Product Material Plastic
Product Color Black
Pack Size 50 X 10 BX
Case Quantity 500
Product Length 2.5 inches
Product Width 2.5 inches
Product Height 0.6 inches
Product Size 0 ounces

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