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If you're looking for a spice container to hold coarse seasonings, then you'll need a proper lid with the right amount of perforation to dispense the herbs. The Polycarbonate Dredge Spice Shaker with Extra Coarse Lid by Restaurantware has a lid with 17 moderately-sized holes - the perfect size for red pepper flakes, freshly dried parsley, basil, rosemary, tarragon, dill and other coarsely-chopped herbs. This white lid pops securely onto a 4.8-inch long by 3.2-inch wide transparent polycarbonate container. Designed with an easy-grip handle, this red pepper shaker will hold all of your seasonings to sprinkle onto pizzas, ceviches, avocado toast, brussels sprouts, and more. This polycarbonate shaker is impact resistant making it the ideal spice container for busy kitchens to use. Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap. You will receive one 9.5-ounce clear polycarbonate spice shaker per order.

RWP0493 Product Details
Product Material Plastic
Product Color Clear
Pack Size 1 X 1BX
Case Quantity 1
Product Length 4.8 inches
Product Width 3.2 inches
Product Height 4 inches
Product Size 9.5 ounces

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